r e m e m b e r i n g
Rita J Steinhagen, CSJ
21 January 1928 - 21 November 2006
What is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life? –Mary Oliver
This is a visual representation of our time with Rita. It is not meant to be complete, but rather a glimpse of some of the moments we were together. It reflects only a small part of her life. We will miss her so...
–Tom and Pepperwolf
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One of Rita's last arrests at Alliant Techsystems corporate headquarters in Edina.
(2 April 2003)
Prior to her arrest, Rita is chased across Alliant's lawn. Char Madigan said it looked like a scene from the TV show Benny Hill and dubs Rita our 'eluder'.
(2 April 2003)
In Columbus Georgia at the gate of Fort Benning with some CSJers and SSNDers.
(November 2000)
Waiting our turn... Arraignment at the Ridgedale District Court for an act of Civil Obedience at Alliant Techsystems.
(November 17 1999)
Rita speaks at a Mothers In Prison Rally in Minneapolis outside the Federal Building.
(11 May 2000)
Rita became one of only six individuals sentenced to jail for a direct action at AlliantTechsystems. The media covered her 'self-surrender' to the Hennepin County Workhouse. She would explain to the press she had "the burden of knowing".
(20 May 2002)
Rita and fellow POC Joel Kilgour of Duluth at the SOA.
(November 2001)
Rita is part of a trial group that has just been convicted. The court gave its blessing for this picture to be taken with the defendants all seated in the jury box. Rita is the third from the right in the back row.
(26 March 2002)
Rita is part of a group from MnSOAW, meeting with Senator Norm Coleman. Rita told of her personal experience with victims of the SOA. Initially scheduled for 15 minutes, Coleman's aides finally ended the meeting after a half hour.
(23 August 2004)
After many unreturned phone calls to schedule a meeting with Coleman, this group from MnSOAW visited Norm's office. We announced we planned to stay until a meeting was set. The staff mostly ignored us until we pulled out some brownies and Rita said she had a blanket in her van. A meeting was set.
(11 August 2004)
Rita at the weekly AlliantACTION vigil. She was one of the original weekly vigilers in 1996.
(30 July 2003)
At the weekly vigil with her name-sake Eleanor Rita Barnett-Cashman.
(30 July 2003)
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