Rita J Steinhagen, CSJ
21 January 1928 - 21 November 2006

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Rita at the gates of Fort Benning, home of the SOA. She had served six months in prison for 'crossing the line' in 1996 and 1997. She would become Minnesota's first Prisoner of Conscience (POC) and the inspiration of many.
(November 1999)
Rita in Washington DC for a Colombian Mobilization Rally. Thousands marched in the streets.
(22 April 2002)
Mothers In Prison Rally.
(11 April 2000)
Trial group and supporters for civil obedience at ATK. Rita is in the second row on the left.
(24 April 2000)
Outside the court building prior to our trial.
(24 April 2000)
Since our trial was on a Wednesday, we began with the weekly vigil at Alliant.
(24 April 2000)
image provided by Pat Downey, MnSOAW
Rita accompanied several Minnesotans in their self-surrender to prison in Pekin, IL in support of their nonviolent action to close the SOA. Pictured with Rita is POC Mary Benson from Brainerd, MN.
(July 2001)
Depleted Uranium SpeakOut at Alliant Techsystems.
(29 April 2002)
Here we are at Alliant Techsystems corporate headquarters in Edina. We are wearing masks to illustrate the dangers of breathing in dust from depleted uranium munitions produced by Alliant Techsystems. Soldiers and civilians are at risk from exposure, not only during war but the effects last after the conflict is over, breaking the International Rules for War.
(29 April 2002)
Rita always enjoyed meeting students at the SOAWatch vigil in Georgia.
(November 2000)
Rita offers trial support for the AlliantACTION 'finger paint felons', Betty and Tom.
(29 January 2001)
Weekly AlliantACTION vigil.
(26 March 2003)
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