AlliantACTION State Fair Event
Focus: CEO Dan Murphy of Alliant Techsystems in Eden Prairie
Weekly Vigil
Wednesday, September 2, 2009
Too many to count - Sticks all over the fair.
The CEO of Alliant Techsystems was everywhere ...why? Because this CEO makes a lot of money. He is rolling in the dough and people want to know who this man is. AlliantACTION asks—WHO PROFITS? Dan Murphy that's who. WHO DIES? Lives aren't counted only money and bonuses and money and perks and stock options and did I say money? Money... tons of money.
AlliantACTION organized a chance for people to STICK it to Dan Murphy. Congratulations Dan. No need to obey international humanitarian law, oh no, it's okay, lots of people will ignore that, no need to think of what your products do after they are sold, that is not your problem.
It all began at 7 am at the weekly vigil on Wednesday and continued throughout the day at the Minnesota State Fair.
This is a visual representation of the event. It is not meant to be complete, but rather a glimpse of the moment.
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It began at the weekly Vigil
HUGE view - click here
And lasted all day at the Minnesota State Fair – go figure...
September 2, 2009
When we arrived at the Fair, this is how we were greeted! Imagine our surprise.
CEO-ON-A-STICK were all over the place...
How many can you count in the street scene above? (answer below)
This whole family was carrying CEO-ON-A-STICKs. The guy in the blue shirt wanted to know where he could get one. At the Eggs and Meatballs On A Stick booth?
When we saw this we just had to laugh, even the kids waved their CEO-ON-A-STICK.

Oh, and how many CEO-ON-A-STICKs were visable in the street photo above?
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