Weekly Vigil
Alliant Techsystems Corporate Headquarters
Eden Prairie, Minnesota
Wednesday, September 3, 2008
Largest weekly vigil* in our history - 49! 151+ when you count the cops!
* in Eden Prairie
With folks in town for the Republican National Convention, we promoted the weekly vigil as a way to start the day off right - as a lefty at 7 AM!
Eden Prairie Police and ATK (Homeland Security?) responded by fencing off ATK and surrounding the building with over 100 officers. Another 40 stayed in vans ready to assist.
This is a visual representation of the event. It is not meant to be complete, but rather a glimpse of the moment.
Please allow time for images to load. Best viewed with hi-speed connection.
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Note temporary fencing, security on the hill and three vigilers.
With four in each vehicle, and joined by at least two more, these officers never left their vans.
Piles of 'road blocks' are ready to be set-up.
We had planned to stage a legal die-in, but with all the security, decided to just leave them all standing there. We circled up in the parking lot down the street instead.
Record group photo. BIG view - click here
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