Annual ATK Shareholders Meeting
July 31, 2007
Alliant Techsystems Corporate Headquarters
Edina, Minnesota
Members of AlliantACTION use a variety of nonviolent means in working for a peaceful and just world. One way was to purchase shares of Alliant Techsystems with the intention of attending the annual shareholders meeting. We hoped to bring our concerns to the CEO, the executive board and any shareholders present.

The trouble was— the invitation was recanted. ATK says it was because of previous arrests at their headquarters. Once at the registration table, nine people were denied entry and because they refused to leave, were given tickets for trespassing.

Four members of AlliantACTION were able to attend the meeting while 13 others provided visual messages to shareholders and others driving by.

To counter our presence, Alliant switched on their sprinkler system. The problem was Edina has a watering ban in effect. When pointed out to police, the Edina Public Works Department was directed to come out and issue Alliant a citation.
This is a visual representation of the event. It is not meant to be complete, but rather a glimpse of the moment.
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Knowing what we do, we must be here, as silence means consent.
In case any shareholders were flying in...
Grabbing any piece of shade we could to greet the shareholders with our messages.
Alliant switched on their sprinkler system. Wrong day and wrong time. oh oh.
Shareholder arrestees Char and Pepperwolf.
Shareholder arrestees Marie, John and David.
Steve and Rita with a message for shareholders.
Even on this very hot and sunny day the message is shared by shareholder arrestee Susu.
Shareholder arrestees Tom and Dorothy.
Gathering at the end of our work together outside ATK's headquarters.
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