UN DAY at ATK! - Rejoining the World Community
125+ Rally Against Indiscriminate Weapons
October 24, 2005
42 Arrested Exercising The Freedom Of Dissent
Forty-two activists, including one minor, were arrested at the corporate headquarters of Alliant Techsystems in a nonviolent direct action against the company's production of indiscriminate weapons. These include cluster bombs, landmines, Trident II rocket motors and 19 million depleted uranium munitions.

Edina police officers arrested several dozen people in the company parking lot and nine others at ATK's front door. 41 activists were issued citations alleging trespass in violation of a new Edina city ordinance and released. The 16 year old youth was escorted to school by the police. The petty-misdemeanor citation carries a possible $200 fine.

Organized by AlliantACTION and Nukewatch, the gathering -- dubbed "UN Day at ATK - Rejoining the World Community" -- celebrated United Nations Day, October 24, the 50th anniversary of the adoption of the UN Charter outlawing wars of aggression.
This is a visual representation of the event. It is not meant to be complete, but rather a glimpse of the moment.
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The morning began with Molly and Jerry Mechetnberg-Berrigan welcome those gathered and begin by reading a litany of why "We are Here".
The group process to Alliant's driveway.
CSJers Brigid McDonald and Marguerite Corcoran. Marguerite leads the group in our Commitment to Practice Nonviolence. She will later become one of the 42 arrested AND one of nine who made it to ATK's front door.
ATK security in pursuit of one of the activists on his way to deliver a letter to CEO Dan Murphy about the illegal weapons produced by Alliant Techsystems.
Five of the nine individuals who made it to ATK's front door, the "point of convergence".
After several minutes in front of the door, Hennepin County Deputies, at the request of ATK Security, began arresting those blocking Alliant's entrance.
All 42 arrested were brought into the parking ramp, where Edina Police issued citations and released the activists.
The last person released was a 16 year old youth. Edina Police decided to escort her back to school.
A group photo of those still at ATK after all arrestees had been tagged and released.
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