SPEAK OUT Against Depleted Uranium!

On Monday, May 20th as six peace activists entered jail*, Rita Steinhagen spoke to reporters "Silence means consent and I refuse to be silent".

Many of the weapons that Alliant makes are in violation of international law because they are indiscriminate. They are unable to differentiate between a civilian or a soldier. ATK has supplied the DoD with 16 million munitions containing depleted uranium penetrators. These weapons keep on killing long after the soldiers are gone. Wherever depleted uranium is used in the world, military and civilian populations are left a legacy of raised cancer rates, birth deformities and long-term environmental contamination.

Those of us who vigil at Alliant Techsystems every Wednesday morning oppose this company that profits from killing and destruction. A company with international sales offices in over 40 countries around the world as they claim to
"be proud to be keeping the American soldier out of harms way".

We refuse to be silent.
Wednesday, May 29th was the
International Day of Action Against Depleted Uranium. We were outside Alliant to SPEAK OUT with our hopes, poems, prayers, anger, feelings and dreams as we faced Alliant with our megaphones and SPOKE OUT.

*The jail sentence was the result of an act of civil obedience on November 7, 2001 at Alliant Techsystems, corporate headquarters of the largest defense contractor based in Minnesota. A total of 15 activists were found guilty of trespass charges. Nine are doing 80 hours of community service/education and six chose jail. The six are Char Madigan, CSJ, Rita Foster, CSJ, Mary Ellen Halverson, Rita Steinhagen, CSJ, Steve Clemens and
Tom Bottolene.
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Campaign Against Depleted Uranium
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ATK pollutes Minnesota with DU
Clean-up of DU at the Twin City Army Ammunition Plant. TCAAP is the location where ATK produced 16 million DU shells and then left toxic depleted uranium waste laying around when they were done. These images are provided for public educational purposes.
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